Our Staff

Meet the DUI VCK team!

An introduction to those who coordinate all the agency focuses on.


Jacqueline Cook Green started working for the agency in 2018 after working for multiple successful Non-profits. She is a true believer in the mission and has connected multiple resources to help the DUI Victims Center of Kansas increase outreach. Jackie continues to put in hard work and determination into achieving the agencies mission by providing support for families and friends of victims, by connecting with them on a personal level by sharing her experiences.

Executive DirectorJacqueline Cook Green, CA


As our victim advocate, Heather supports families in crisis through outreach and provides information, as well as victim services. She liaisons with community prosecutors and law enforcement officers to coordinate and share information with families facing court proceedings. Heather attends court with these families helping them navigate the justice system, helping the families navigate life after injury or loss. She is bilingual, allowing outreach in the Spanish communities, as well as facilitating all Spanish panels. She also volunteers as a panel facilitator in English, helping to increase awareness of the traumatic human consequences of the choice to drive impaired.

Lead Victim AdvocateHeather Plaza, CA


Cheyenne works 40 hours a week for the agency and manages communications including social media, our website and creates content to keep followers updated. She is focusing on spreading awareness of the mission through local media outlets and community outreach. Cheyenne’s goal is to build a stronger foundation in which families and victims can communicate with the agency and receive more support based on their needs.

Office & Volunteer ManagerCheyenne Waller, CA


Hope coordinates and manages the court ordered victim information panels held for DUI offenders. She is the administrative point of contact for scheduling and registration and reports offender attendance to court officers. Hope was previously employed by the Impact Center and was then hired by the DUI Victims Center after her ongoing volunteer commitment became a part-time staff position.

Panel AdministratorHope Ramirez


Whitney works part time to organize and enter agency data including survey results that offenders fill out after a victim information panel. The surveys allow the agency to get a better understanding on how DUI offenders view the laws and probation process.The information that this data provides is crucial to helping accomplish the agency mission. Whitney also speaks at the victim panels and volunteers at year end events hosted by the agency.

Data GuruWhitney Kallenbach